Mobility Guides

We have put together very useful information so you can decide on a good mobility device that not only fits your needs, but fits your budget, as well.

Mobility Scooters

There are of course several benefits to a mobility scooter. There will come a day that individuals will struggle with their daily mobility needs and even the most basic motions such as walking can be painful. A mobility scooter is the best way to combat that. They are also helpful for post-surgical patients who need as much rest as possible. Just because someone uses a scooter it does not mean they are helpless. In fact, it gives users a renewed appreciation and new lease on life. Normal everyday freedom to run errands and get around the house can happen with a scooter. Good mobility scooters will take you where you need to go with little effort. Mobility scooters can also be taken on vacation or can be transported easily so users can experience being mobile without the restrictions.

Which Scooter is Best

This will depend on the condition you have and where you will most likely ride the scooter. The user will have the benefit of an abundance of selections. There are three-wheel scooters, four-wheel scooters, standing scooters, and even enclosed scooters. No matter the decision there is a scooter that is perfect for you.

In regards to scooters, the following brands are dominant in the industry: Pride Mobility, EV Rider, Amigo, Shoprider, Merits, and Freerider. They are also some of the longest lasting scooter producers today. One thing you will want to consider is what scooter will work best for you given your condition. Choosing from one of the sub categories will give you a better idea of where your needs are.

1) Three-Wheel Scooters - These scooters, traditionally, have sharper turn radius, making it good for use indoors. They are also nimble enough to be taken virtually anywhere. An advantage to three-wheel scooters is that they are lightweight, ranging anywhere from 68 pounds to 100 pounds. With weight like this it makes it virtually effortless to get around. A person that has difficulty lifting will find having a three-wheel scooter perfect because of how lightweight it is. They can carry it - at least find it easier to move, than other scooters of its kind. A three-wheel scooter also has the capability to be disassembled. Being disassembled makes travel convenient, as opposed to buying a scooter solely for that purpose. For the bigger individual, there are three-wheel medium-sized scooter.

2) Three-Wheel Medium Scooters - The medium scooters can go a little longer distance than the traditional three wheel. While a little heavier, they can go farther and many of them still can be disassembled. The medium-sized three-wheel scooter can hold more weight and can go faster. It is built with a sturdier frame where many consist of reinforced steel. Though bulkier, they still maintain several of the features that a standard-sized three-wheel scooter has.

3) Heavy Duty Three-Wheel Scooters - This is the largest of them all, but they can haul plenty of weight and can power over virtually any environment. These scooters are powerful and they average a distance of 22 miles on a fully charged battery. Bariatric patients can ride on the scooter - as can other users. Heavy duty three-wheel scooters are built to be sturdy and can withstand the test of time. Many do not have the capability to be disassembled, but they do fit nicely onto scooter lifts.

One can not neglect the four-wheel scooters, either:

1) Four-Wheel Scooters - The four-wheel scooters are more balanced and can handle several terrain types because of its symmetry. There is a wide variety of four-wheel scooters from makers such as Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, and ActiveCare. Four-wheelers can go farther, averaging 13 miles. Like three-wheel scooters they do have the ability to disassemble into several easy parts making it easier to transport with. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a good addition to have for all-purpose reasons, including having an easier to use tiller. The ergonomically designed scooter works wonders for all users and it provides more comfort with wider seats.

There are other scooters, too, that you can choose from.

1) Folding Scooters - These scooters fold up to make it easy for travel, especially airline travel. Many do not require tools to fold or unfold and they average out to be 75 pounds. Travel has never been made easier. The most popular folding scooters are the Freerider Luggie and EV Rider Gusto.

2) Standing Scooters - This is the only scooter you can ride that allows the user to stand while using it. For a standing scooter, it can pack on some speed. They can go as fast as anywhere from 10 -15 miles per hour and they are built to go farther distances - more so than a standard three-wheel scooter.

3) Shopping Scooters - These scooters are designed to have a large basket so users can shop, if that is in their normal routine. Shopping is important and it is a necessity and this scooter makes any user highly capable of doing just that when they need to. There are three-wheel and four-wheel varieties available.

4) Enclosed Scooter - Unique is the word that comes to mind with this scooter. There are features on it that can not be found anywhere. It is the only scooter in the fleet that can be enclosed protecting you from the outside elements. They even come with a windshield wiper. Users can keep cool or warm inside an enclosed scooter.

It is okay to shop by brand as well. You will commonly see the following names because they have made a reputation of success:

1) Pride Mobility - Pride products go beyond just mobility scooters. They also have lift chairs, ramps, extra cushions, and various accessories. For decades, Pride has not only stayed ahead of the curve by producing top quality equipment, they consistently provide equipment for all types of users.

2) Golden Technologies - Much like Pride, Golden Technologies has a solid history of success. They create state-of-the-art mobility equipment and adjustable beds. Various hospitals and health complexes have Golden Technologies equipment, along with Pride Mobility.

3) Drive Medical - Drive makes their stake with creating sturdy wheelchairs and walkers. They take pride in producing a fine product that can stand the test of time. Drive Medical has produced literally thousands of wheel chairs and walkers and satisfaction is guaranteed.

4) Shoprider - Shoprider has a plethora of mobility devices that are designed for smooth running rides. They also produce scooters and other mobility devices that are well balanced and sturdy. Whether it's a three-wheel scooter or a bariatric scooter, there is a mobility device that will maintain perfect physical balance throughout its life.

5) EV Rider - EV Rider makes the riding easy for its users. There are plenty of mobility devices that hold the EV Rider name. From 3-wheel electric scooters to four-wheel scooters, the EV Rider creates a more modern looking scooter designed to stand out to other users, but also lends a sense of creativity for the users to work with.

6) Freerider Luggie - The Freerider mobility devices are designed to be ergonomically built to take the pressure off of scooter users. The scooter should do the work, not the user. Freerider also creates and designs strong and durable battery chargers that charge faster and more effectively than others.

Scooter Accessories

No one can forget about the scooter accessories that are available, either. There are several accessories to choose from that complement the scooter and you, the user. Choose from front or rear baskets, oxygen tank holders, cane holders, scooter covers, and even touch up paint. Weather protection gear is also available. Scooter accessories, in some cases, are just as important as the scooter itself.

Why Mobility Scooters

The real question is, "why not?" A scooter is the perfect companion to help anyone who has mobility issues. Mobility problems are not things to take for granted. Anyone suffering from mobility issues understands how difficult it is to handle the day-to-day errands of life. A mobility scooter will help alleviate these problems and more - of course depending on the kind you get. Being mobile is the key to successful recuperation and morale. No one should have to miss out on a family picnic, an outing in the park, a church service, or even a run to the grocery store because they can't move well enough. A mobility scooter will help with anyone's mobile needs anywhere, anytime.