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3-Wheel Travel Scooters

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  • GO-GO Ultra X Travel Scooter

    GO-GO Ultra X Travel Scooter

    Our Price: CA$ 1,349.00

    • All New Modular design
    • Disassembles into 5 light pieces
    • In Home Service Warranty
  • New
    BuzzAround LT

    BuzzAround LT

    Our Price: CA$ 1,424.00

    • Wraparound Delta tiller
    • Charging port below the control panel
    • Available In Red Only
    • LED Battery Gauge
    • Easy Disassembly
  • Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel

    Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel

    Our Price: CA$ 1,424.00

    • Easy disassembly into 5 pieces
    • Longer travel range
    • Optimal power management
    • Added safety features
  • Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3-Wheel

    Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus 3-Wheel

    Our Price: CA$ 1,724.00

    • Includes 2 sets of colored panels
    • Delta tiller with wraparound handles
    • Exclusive black non-scuffing tires
  • Go-Go LX with CTS

    Go-Go LX with CTS

    Our Price: CA$ 1,694.00

    • Comfort-Trac independent suspension
    • Standard LED lighting
    • Disassembles into five lightweight pieces
  • Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel

    Go-Go Sport 3-Wheel

    Our Price: CA$ 1,844.00

    • Feather-touch disassembly into 5 light pieces
    • Wraparound Delta tiller
    • Tiller charger port & LED lighting
    • Includes 2 sets of changeable red & blue panels
  • BuzzAround XL 3-Wheel Scooter

    BuzzAround XL 3-Wheel Scooter

    Our Price: CA$ 1,649.00

    • Wraparound Delta tiller
    • LED battery gauge & headlight
    • More foot room & great turning radius
    • Easy disassembly with just four easy steps
    • Battery charger port located under tiller
  • BuzzAround XLS 3-Wheel Scooter

    BuzzAround XLS 3-Wheel Scooter

    Our Price: CA$ 1,799.00

    • Comfort Spring Suspension
    • Ultra Bright LED headlight standard
    • Red and Blue Shroud panels included free
    • Disassembles quickly and easily for transport
  • BuzzAround XLS HD 3-Wheel Scooter

    BuzzAround XLS HD 3-Wheel Scooter

    Our Price: CA$ 1,913.00

    • Increased weight capacity up to 325 lbs.
    • Large 22 Amp hour batteries standard
    • NEW Comfort Spring Suspension for a smoother ride
    • Ultra Bright LED headlight standard
  • BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 3-Wheel

    BUZZAROUND EX Extreme 3-Wheel

    Our Price: CA$ 2,138.00

    • U1 Batteries Std for maximum range
    • Smoother ride - Comfort Spring Suspension
    • Full Size yet Portable and Easy to Disassemble
    • Ultra Bright LED headlight and tailight
  • Echo 3-Wheel Scooter

    Echo 3-Wheel Scooter

    Our Price: CA$ 1,034.00

    • Lightweight 3 wheel travel scooter
    • Quick connect battery pack
    • Puncture proof tires
  • Roadster Deluxe

    Roadster Deluxe

    Our Price: CA$ 1,569.00

    • Feature-Packed compact scooter
    • Convenient tiller charging port
    • Led headlights kit
    • Easy disassembly into five lightweight pieces