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TRILIFT Scooter Platform-Free Carrier

Model: T1020LT, T1010 SB, T1010 PWC |

List Price: CA$ 3,299.00

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Our Price: CA$ 2,835.00



TRI LIFT is an innovative breakthrough in scooter and power chair transportation solutions. It's small size and weight help to minimize interference with your vehicle's operation. Trilift's lifting capabilities are compatible with all scooters on the market today. Featuring smart and user friendly operation along with quick and easy disassembly for convenient storage.



With our unique patented design, TRILIFT will simplify the way you transport your scooter or power chair without impairing the look of your vehicle. 

With our patented triangular interlocking design Trilift will make your scooter transportation a breeze!


The Advantages of the TRILIFT SYSTEM Over Conventional Platform Lifts:


No Bulky Heavy Platform


Slimmer Profile


Unmatched by any other Lift


Easiest to Load - Your customers will love its simplicity


Locks Automatically


No Cumbersome Straps or Clamps to Mess With.


More stable - Your customer will hardly know it's there even when driving on rough roads.


Lowest Weight - Weighs half as much as a typical platform lift weighs making it easier to install or transfer from one vehicle to another.


The Most Ground Clearance - This advent age will allow most customers to load their scooter in the garage and have enough clarence to back out into the street.


Simpler Design - One technician can assemble and install in less time then what a conventional platform lift requires.


Less Maintenance - Simple and secure design almost eliminates service comebacks.


The Best Choice - For use on smaller cars and SUV's.


Easy to Store - Slim and light weight design make it easy to remove and store in vehicle or home.


Easier to Sell - When given the choice, your customers will choose TRILIFT.



The Ultimate Solution For Securely And Safely Loading Your Scooter or Power Wheelchair - Simply Drive the Scooter next to the lift, line up the brackets and lift to the locked position with a push of a button




Lift Height:                                  45"-60"                        42"-55"

Lift Weight:                                 60 lbs                          42 lbs

Loading Capacity:                 Up to 500 lbs               Up to 145 lbs

Back Space:                                 11"                               10"

Cycle Load Time:                      55 Seconds                 45 Seconds

Docking Bracket Size:                    9.5"                             7"

Docking Bracket Weight:            12-22 lbs                      8-15 lbs      



  • 4 Position Tilt Adaptor with Spring Load
  • Coil-Cord Remote
  • Hitch Pin Pock
  • Lighted License Plate Holder
  • Soft Cover



How does the TRILIFT connect to my vehicle and what are the requirements? 
TRILIFT fits most vehicles. The following standard towing equipment is required on your vehicle: 
Class 2 for ULTRA LITE and class 3 for standard trilift, 7 way trailer connector, Auxiliary power wiring 

How does the docking bracket attached to the scooter? 
The docking bracket bolts to the scooter / power wheelchair frame and typically utilizes u-bolts or u-clamps for attachment. Most application required no drilling.

What keeps my scooter locked on and prevents it from bouncing off? 
With a touch of a button our patented triangular interlocking system double locks your scooter or power wheelchair in the uplifted position by wedging the docking bracket triangle into a specially designed lock bracket that is welded to the post of the lift. No cumbersome straps or clamps to mess with.

Will I be able to open the rear door of my vehicle once TRILIFT is installed? 
Yes, a tilt option is available for most SUV's & Vans and trucks. 

Can I load my scooter / power chair in my garage and still have enough clearance to back out into the street? 
TRILIFT carries your scooter / power chair with significantly more ground clearance than all others lifts and in most instances can be loaded in your garage or driveway.

How much does the trilift weight?
I have a smaller vehicle and i am concerned about the weight. TRILIFT weighs about 1/2 as much as all other outside lifts, the standard TRILIFT weighs 65 lb. & the new TRILIFT ULTRA LITE weights under 40 lb.




Three Years Transferable Limited Factory Warranty on Parts.


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