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Scooter Umbrella Holder Assembly

Model: O1-ZK8C-F8DI |

List Price: CA$ 96.00

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The Scooter Umbrella Holder Assembly is perfect for those hot, sunny days when you want a little shade.  You can’t control the sun, but you can control the shade using Challenger’s Scooter Umbrella Assembly!

Complete with a FREE folding Patriotic umbrella, the Umbrella Assembly contains a universal grip holder and easily attaches with a simple base clamp to your scooter, power chair, wheelchair, stroller or walker with a tube diameter up to ¾”.  The flexible arm allows you to position your umbrella according to the angle of the sun or the direction of the rain.  The clamp is designed to be mounted on round tubing* only, such as scooter tillers or round armrest tubes.

The sun doesn’t stay in one place, so why should your umbrella?  The Scooter Umbrella Holder Assembly can be adjusted in multiple different angles to move wherever the sun shines. Enjoy the shade!

*Fits on the steel tubing of your tiller or handlebars.  If your scooter doesn’t have open steel tubing, you can cut the inside portion of your scooter’s tiller to make room for the clamp.


  • Patriotic folding umbrella is easy removable
  • Stainless steel and hard plastic construction clamp
  • Nearly Universal compatibility
  • Fully adjustable and folds easily for storage
  • Easily attaches to the side of any wheelchair, stroller, walker or scooter by a simple base clamp
  • Flexible arm allows for all angle positioning.
  • Designed for protection against rain or sun
  • Height adjustable stem and a joint which allows the umbrella to be adjusted according to the angle of the sun
  • Attach to a Maximum Bar diameter 3/4" (please buy longer screws at your local Hardware Store if the Bar diameter is greater than 3/4")



These instructions coincide with our YouTube video on how to unbox and install your Umbrella Holder Assembly. Click HERE to watch the video.


Tools Needed: 10 mm open-ended wrench

  1. Step 1: To start, unscrew the wing bolts until the base clamp opens enough to secure to your tiller, handlebar, or armrest.  If you can’t slide it on, you’ll unscrew them completely.  Slip the clamp back onto your tiller and secure by twisting the bolt onto the screw.

  2. Step 2: Using your 10 mm open-ended wrench, tighten the bolts.  The clamp needs to be firmly secured to the tiller.  If it moves, continue to tighten with the wrench until the clamp stays firmly in place.

  3. Step 3: To attach umbrella simply insert your umbrella into the umbrella clamp and twist the wing nut tightly until the umbrella is secure in place.


  • To adjust the angle of the arm, loosen the middle knob at the elbow of the arm.  Once adjusted, tighten the knob.

  • To adjust the angle of the umbrella itself, twist the two wing nuts at the top of the arm.  Both must be loosened to adjust the umbrella angle.  Retighten the wing nuts.

  • To adjust the length of the arm, twist the pole adjustment clamp to loosen.  Once adjusted, twist the clamp to tighten.




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