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Oxygen Holder for Pride Scooters & Power Wheelchairs

Model: ACCASMB1017, ACCASMB2035, ACCASMB2292 |

List Price: CA$ 213.00

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Our Price: CA$ 201.00



Pride Mobility oxygen tank holder is designed to fit size D and E Oxygen tanks.

It is equipped with an adjustment on the holder that allows the smaller tank D to fit securely in the holder.



Please note:

  • This Oxygen Tan Holder attaches to the universal accessory holder (square shape receiver) mounted on the back of your Pride scooter seat.
  • Please check that your scooter seat is equipped with the square accessory receiver before you order.
  • The holding Pin is not provided with this Accessory.
  • The bracket located on the back of all Pride scooters and powerchairs seats accommodates only one accessory at a time.

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Our Price: CA$ 201.00
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Total Product Price: CA$ 201.00

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