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Nearly Universal OH Cup Holder

Model: OH 4 |

List Price: CA$ 75.00

Save: 24%

Our Price: CA$ 57.00


The Nearly Universal OH Cup Holder is machine washable. A removable invention that takes all the hassle out of where to put your beverage.


  • Our cup holder's unique design allows for a MULTITUDE of Armrests
  • Attaches simply with velcro straps and grips with foam pads
  • Durable, Lightweight, Machine Washable Cup Holder


So why the "Nearly"?
Playing light on the situation, we realize it won't fit every situation. We put the "nearly" in there at an attempt at humor. We've tested it on stadium seating, scooters, airplane armrests, and some office chairs, all with successful results. As long as the armrest you're attempting to use is relatively flat on top with enough space underneath to wrap the Velcro straps around, this holder will liberate you from your cup.

Unique design makes it JUST THAT EASY.
As we said above, the real problem we faced was the variety of armrests that are used in everyday applications. We've taken measures in our design to blend functionality with variety. Your seat, or more importantly your armrest, should work and we urge you to view our photos to get a sense of the wide range of armrests. The "Nearly" Universal OH also mounts on the left or right side, so as long as there's nothing directly in front of the armrest it's really your preference. Also included are pieces of foam padding. Use none, one, or two of these pads to allow the "Nearly" Universal OH a better application to your armrest. (We recommend at least one to establish a sturdy grip between your armrest and your cup holder.)

Foam Pads and Velcro Straps, YOU Can Do It..
Velcro was on our shoes as a kid, right? Similar to "A monkey can do it!" logic, the "Nearly" Universal OH is held to the armrests by using Velcro straps along with the foam pads gripping the armrest

Not only a VARIETY of ARMRESTS, but also a VARIETY of CUPS.
Dealing with BIG cups from stadiums has carried over into this product, with a few minor improvements. Each side of the actual cup holder has a slot, allowing coffee mugs of varying sizes to be carried. The OH is also deep enough for those larger sodas or bottled drinks with a webbed design at the bottom allowing moisture or condensation to pass through, eliminating messy liquid pooling.

Few last KEY features, including being LIGHT yet STRONG!
Made of a lightweight plastic, the "Nearly" Universal OH is durable, and rumored to be able to withstand being run over by your car (although we don't really recommend it). If used properly, this handy cup holder can last indefinitely, which also means its dishwasher safe for any messy folks who happen to be reading this. (We know it goes without saying, but remove the foam padding before the dishwasher.) Our product is recycled and recyclable, and so is the packaging. These are just a few more features that we're proud of, and hope add to the enjoyment of your NEW functional solution. 

Our Price: CA$ 57.00

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