Mobility Guides

  • What are Lift Chairs
    • Lift chairs aren't your typical mobility device, but they are helpful and extremely beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis or back pain. The purpose of a lift is not to mobilize a user. It is to help a user get on and off position in the safest possible way. The reason why it is effective is that it prevents the user from using a large amount of physical force that could push them to the physical limit. The users who are elderly will experience aching joints and muscles. This is a proven fact. A power lift comes in different shapes and sizes, serving different purposes. Some lifts can be used so users can rest on it. A reclining lift is also available. Comfort is the number one feature that is discussed. Combining that with safety features, a user will have plenty to cheer about.
  • Electric Lift Chairs for All Types of Users
    • The presupposition of lift chairs is that it is primarily used for the elderly. That is far from the truth. While the elderly can use it, lift chairs are used by anyone who has difficulty in their mobility. It could be from post-surgery or it could be someone rehabbing after an accident. Whatever the situation is - and there are many - a power lift is just what the doctor ordered (no pun intended). Lifts can be positioned virtually anywhere in the house and has the option of reclining in two or three different positions. This is beneficial to any users' current situation. Luxury chairs are also available for those who want to have the most luxury that a chair can have, including extra plush seating. It's important to properly assess the body type, situation, and longevity. Users of a lift chair do not have to currently use an electric scooter or wheel chair - or any mobility device for that matter. The power lift chairs can be used by anyone that has problems with their mobility and do not want to risk harming their bodies with the repetitive motions of sitting down or standing up.
  • Types of Power Lift Chairs
    • Depending on what you are looking for and your current situation there is a power lift chair that has your name on it. Power lift chairs are made by some of the world's leading producers. Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies have a long rich tradition of producing high quality power lifts - and subsequently other scooters. The power lifts that are most applicable to you can only be determined by you
    • 1) 2 Position Lift Chairs - The 2 position chair posts at two positions giving the user easier access on and off the chair. The positions are designed to give users that have little mobility the option to get on and off with little effort. They are handled by a simple remote system that is located within reach of the user.

      2) 3 Position Lift Chairs - Three positions give users more options to work with and they are used by those with different levels of health. Users can essentially pick the position that works best for them so they get a comfortable jump-off point. They come in various sizes and colors, and they will get you on and off your device easily.

      3) Infinite Position - This is not to be confused with zero gravity position. The infinite position helps people recline much steeper and offers an abundance of the jump off points. It works well with people who have differing mobility levels.

      4) Zero Gravity Position - This can fully recline to allow the legs to be elevated above the heart. This helps with the circulation, but it also creates angles between the torso and thigh. It certainly helps with those who suffer from back problems.

      5) Space Saver Lift Chairs - These share the same quality as that of a 2 or 3 position chair. Where this is more unique is that of its nimbler frame. It takes less space when reclined, between the back of the seat and the wall. It can fit nicely anywhere in the home.

      6) Straight Back Lift Chair - Of all the chairs, this kind looks like it is normal furniture. The seat cushion itself moves lifting you slowly onto whatever platform you need. The angles are never too steep giving you an easier time to hit the platform.

      7) Petite and Small Size Electric Chairs - These reclining chairs come in several varieties such as 2 or 3 position lifts. These chairs are specifically designed for smaller-framed people.

      8) Medium Lift Chairs - Much like the Petite and Small Size Chairs, this lift chair is designed for medium-build individuals. They hold a little more weight and perform the same functions. Their size itself is bigger than Petite and Small Size Electric Chairs.

      9) Large Lift Chairs - These have the tendency to be a little taller in the back, but they can also hold more weight, which is a plus. It is wider and taller, engineered to handle all many weights and sizes.

      10) XL and Tall Lift Chairs - For the extra sized individual, this lift chair is specifically designed to compensate for height so the back of the chair is taller. While lifting, it is vital to have proper back and neck support. These chairs provide that for the taller individual.

      11) Wide Lift Chairs and Heavy Duty Lift Chairs - These chairs are wider than the previously mentioned chairs. For those looking for more comfort, this is the chair to go with. They are quiet and engineered for comfort. They also come in different positions.

      12) Pride and Golden Lift Chair Collection - The Pride Lift Chair Collection consists of a number of 2 and 3 position lift chairs, as well as zero gravity and infinite position chairs. They all have the user in mind giving them comfortable positions on which to work.

  • Accessories are just as important for lift chairs. There are a number of accessories like lifting seat cushions, side table, tray and a chrome lamp that goosenecks 360 degrees.
  • Everyone will have a different need of one. Going with the top name brands like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies are not bad choices, but there are literally dozens more to choose from. Choosing a power lift chair will do wonders for your health and mobility needs.