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Deluxe Scooter Rear View Mirror Pair

Model: J4-3X63-62XQ |

List Price: CA$ 102.00

Save: 32%

Our Price: CA$ 69.00



 An overview isn’t complete without the rear view.  If you’re driving without rear view mirrors, you aren’t getting the whole view, and that can be dangerous.

Don’t let what’s behind you surprise you. The Deluxe Scooter Rear View Mirror Pair allows you to see what’s going on around you and increases safety and visibility day or night.  These mirrors are easy to install - one left and one right side mount screws into the handlebars on your delta style tiller.  Durable and reliable, the Deluxe Rear View Mirror Pair will help you see better in low visibility conditions.  Compatible with most new generation mobility scooters with screw holes.  

Make sure you’re getting the whole view in your overview.  Add some safety to your scooter with the Deluxe Rear View Mirror Pair and watch your rear!

J400 Mirrors are compatible with the following:

  • Pride's Go-Go Sport, Go-Go LX with CTS, Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus, Plus HD, Celebrity X, Pursuit, Pursuit XL, Revo 2.0, Wrangler, and all Victory scooters
  • Drive Medical's Ventura, Panther, and Cobra scooters 
  • Challenger Sport scooter

J400 Mirrors are compatible with the following ONLY when used in conjunction with Scooter Clamps (available at checkout):
  • All Golden scooters
  • Pride's Maxima series and Go-Go Folding Scooter
  • Drive's ZooMe Flex, ZooMe Auto Flex, and Phoenix HD

J400 Mirrors are NOT compatible with:
  • EWheels Scooters
  • Tzora Scooters
  • Power Wheelchairs


How to Unbox and Install your Deluxe Rear View Mirror Pair J400



 Installation Instructions:

Tools Needed: 14 mm open ended wrench

  1. Step 1: Remove the rubber plug from the tiller.

  2. Step 2: Pull the rubber* back and screw the lock nut down the stem to ¼ inch away from the end of the stem.

  3. Step 3: Insert the stem and turn the mirror in a clockwise direction until it is tightly attached to the tiller.

  4. Step 4: Bring it to the position you want and pull up the base** so you can tighten the lock nut with the wrench.

  5. Step 5: Adjust your mirrors and you are set to go!

*This rubber can be stubborn.  But stubborn rubber is good rubber - that’s what keeps it sturdy and secure to your scooter’s delta tiller.

**Tip: if you pull up the rubber on the stem a little bit, it will be easier to lift the rubber at the bottom.  You can also use the top of the tiller as support while you pull the rubber up.

How to Unbox and Install your Deluxe Rear View Mirror Pair J400




Required for select scooters to install J400 mirrors. Please see overview for compatibility. Clamps will arrive separately from mirrors.

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Our Price: CA$ 69.00
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Total Product Price: CA$ 69.00

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