Rear-Wheel Drive Powerchairs

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  • Dualer Turnabout Powerbase

    Dualer Turnabout Powerbase

    Our Price: CA$ 3,990.00

    • Elevated Power Seat included
    • Convert from rear to front wheel drive
    • Release and rotate the chair 180°
    • Enjoy the direct-drive direct-response feeling
    • Compact for indoor & outdoor use
  • Regal Compact Rear Wheel Drive

    Regal Compact Rear Wheel Drive

    Our Price: CA$ 3,996.00

    • Stylish and compact rear wheel drive
    • Extremely low center of gravity
    • Lower height Semi-reclining seat
    • Sturdy deluxe captain seat
    • Excellent maneuverability
  • Shoprider Jimmie Powerchair

    Shoprider Jimmie Powerchair

    Our Price: CA$ 2,099.00

    • Rear wheel drive
    • Deluxe Black Seat Standard
    • Connector-less Technology
    • Disassembles into 3-parts easily
  • Streamer Sport Powerchair

    Streamer Sport Powerchair

    Our Price: CA$ 3,749.00

    • Sharp turning radius & Easy maneuverability
    • Combines style with functionality
    • Puncture proof tires & off-board charger
    • Height and angle adjustment arm rests
  • Atlantis Heavy Duty Powerchair

    Atlantis Heavy Duty Powerchair

    Our Price: CA$ 6,348.00

    • Super high power in-line motors
    • The Super Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with unique and prominent design
    • Four seat posts provide more stable and a durable structure for the frame
    • 12" drive wheel & HD Captain seat
  • 6Runner 14 HD Bariatric Powerchair

    6Runner 14 HD Bariatric Powerchair

    Our Price: CA$ 5,399.00

    • Greater weight capacity, power & range
    • Stable heavy duty four post seating system
    • Luxurious Leatherette 21" Executive Seat
    • All 6-Wheels on the ground at all times