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Multi Accessory Receiver Adapter

Model: J4M |

List Price: CA$ 128.00

Save: 60%

Our Price: CA$ 51.00


Swiss Army Scooter

You finally did it. You got yourself a great, reliable and impressive mobility scooter from us here at Top Mobility. Congratulations! You won’t regret such a valuable purchase.

But we can also you offer you another way to help your mobility challenges. Four additional ways, to be exact!

With the Multi-Accessory Receiver Adapter by Challenger Mobility, you can choose up to four accessories to attach to your scooter at once! You want the Sunshade Canopy AND the Scooter Trailer? No problem? Need the Scooter Oxygen Tank Holder, the Single Cane Holder AND the Large basket all at once? Piece of cake -- plus you can still add another accessory!

The convenient adapter attaches quickly and easily into the 1-inch universal holder on the back of scooter. Four holding pins and screw knobs are included and make adjusting the accessories a snap.

So pick yourself up a Multi-Accessory Receiver Adapter and deck out your scooter with limitless options.



Bracket Measurements:

  • Length: 10"
  • Width:  10.5"
  • Height:  3.5"

4 Long Pins: 2.5"

4 Knob thread: 0.75"

Our Price: CA$ 51.00

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