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Luggie Standard Folding Scooter
Model : FR168-4IT

Regular : $3799.00
You Save : $ 820.00
Our Price : $ 2979.00
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Traveling is made easy with the Freerider Luggie Folding Travel Scooter.  This scooter does not compromise on its ability to give users the best ride wherever they decide to go. It is ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort with independence.   The Freerider Luggie Folding Travel Scooter is easily folded to make room for travel.  It is purposefully lightweight and while folded up maintains its structure and durability.

This scooter provides users freedom.  It can be adjustable to all body types so regardless of the environment users can find solace in knowing the scooter can handle that environment.  Having a lightweight scooter that can travel easily is beneficial to all types of users and the Freerider Luggie Folding Travel Scooter provides just that.