Founded over 25 years ago, Bruno Independent Living Aids, Inc., is a world-wide manufacturer of accessibility products designed to enhance the lives of those challenged by limited mobility. In pursuing this goal, Bruno is proud to be the only U.S. manufacturer of indoor/outdoor stairlifts, interior/exterior scooter, powerchair and wheelchair vehicle lifts and vehicle seating products to be ISO 9001 Certified. This is one of the most stringent, widely-recognized quality standards in the world and your assurance that Bruno is committed to providing you with the highest-quality, most reliable products in the industry.


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  1. Chariot Exterior Wheeled Platform Lift

    Model: ASL-700 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 9,885.00

    Save: 32%

    Our Price: CA$ 6,750.00
    • DMV Registration might be required.
    • Available only in Florida
    • Fully Powered with one button operation
    • Platform manually folds when not in use
    • Independent suspension carries weight, not the car
    • For Small or Midsized Vehicles
    • Made in the USA
    Lifting CapacitySize
    350 lbs.Class I or II Hitch
  2. Joey Lift

    Model: VSL-4400 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 5,663.00

    Save: 23%

    Our Price: CA$ 4,343.00
    • More Compact. More Simplicity.
    • Drive on/off either side of platform
    • Fully-powered, one-button operation
    • No scooter or powerchair modifications
    • Allows for 2nd row seating in most applications
    Lifting CapacityWeight
    350175 lbs.
  3. List Price: CA$ 3,630.00

    Save: 18%

    Our Price: CA$ 2,993.00
    • Fully Powered Scooter Carrier
    • Most Versatile Exterior Automatic Platform Lift
    • Drive on/off either side of platform
    • Automatic Hold-Tite Securement
    • Self-Leveling Platform, Traction Coating
    Lifting CapacityWeight
    35098 lbs.
  4. Bruno Out-Sider Powerchair Lift

    Model: ASL-250HTP | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 4,080.00

    Save: 28%

    Regular Price: CA$ 2,993.00

    Special Price: CA$ 2,925.00

    • Class III Hitch receiver
    • Powerchair fully powered carrier
    • Drive on/off either side of platform
    • Automatic folding platform
    CapacityHeaviest Part
    350 lbs98 lbs
  5. Out-Sider Micro Exterior Lift

    Model: ASL-225 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 2,378.00

    Save: 26%

    Our Price: CA$ 1,763.00
    • Fits most 3 Wheel Micro Scooters
    • Gas-spring assist for easy モfold/unfoldヤ
    • Whisper quietヤ operation
    Lifting CapacityWeight
    14568 lbs
  6. Out-Rider Vehicle Lift

    Model: PUL-1100 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 5,588.00

    Save: 22%

    Our Price: CA$ 4,343.00
    • Variety of outer arms for different cab models
    • Standard and heavy-duty lifting capacities
    • Fully powered, fast operation
    • Hand-held control
    • Pickup box size: 5 ½’, 6 ½’, 8’
    Lifting CapacityWeightColor
    350 lbs80-90 lbsred
  7. Space Saver Scooter Lift

    Model: ASL-325 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 1,425.00

    Save: 17%

    Our Price: CA$ 1,178.00
    • Designed to fit smaller vehicle trunks
    • Power raise and manual rotate operation
    • Comes apart - heaviest piece only 15 lbs.
    • Optional Exterior Hitch Mount or Offset Arm
    Lifting Capacity
  8. Bruno Scooter Lifter

    Model: AWL-150 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 2,265.00

    Save: 22%

    Our Price: CA$ 1,763.00
    • for wheelchairs, travel scooters & powerchairs
    • Lift folds down when not in use
    • Power raise/lower & manual rotate operation
    • Includes a docking device for your equipment
    Lifting Capacity
  9. Big Lifter Vehicle Lift

    Model: VSL-570 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 3,000.00

    Save: 28%

    Our Price: CA$ 2,168.00
    • Power raise/lower - Makes lifting your scooter or powerchair virtually effortless
    • Manual rotation - low resistance design
    • Upgradeable to power rotate function
    Lifting Capacity
  10. Curb-Sider Vehicle Lift

    Model: VSL-6000 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 4,883.00

    Save: 25%

    Our Price: CA$ 3,668.00
    • Effortless loading from behind the bumper or curbside
    • Easy-to-operate Fold-Down Lift Head
    • Exclusive Direct Gear Drive Technology
    Lifting Capacity
  11. Back Saver Wheelchair Lift

    Model: AWL-1600 | Bruno

    List Price: CA$ 2,265.00

    Save: 27%

    Our Price: CA$ 1,643.00
    • Simple to operate and does not require any manual lifting
    • Fits on a standard Class I hitch tongue or a Class II/III if an adapter is used
    Lifting Capacity